Fu 1015

Enjoying new Shanghainese cuisine in an antique-filled villa, experiencing old Shanghai art deco.

Next to Fu He Hui, it’s Fu1015, which is more luxurious than Fu1088 (which I tried two years ago) and Fu1038 (which provides more traditional Shanghainese cuisine).

We sat in a spacious dining room and the staff has already customised our menu. First of all, we have the cold dishes as appetiser, I particularly like the foie gras paired with fried onion pancakes. The Shanghainese smoked fish is my favourite, my Shanghainese friend has told me that it’s delicious. For main dishes, we have seafood such as steamed fish, fried shrimps, and braised sea cucumber. Braised pork is a must for me cause it’s a traditional dish. Fish dumplings is the surprising dish, I haven’t tried it before. Lastly, we have soybean milk and fried bread sticks presented in the form of dessert.

It’s worth going if you would like to try Shanghainese cuisine. But if you ask me, I will recommend Fu He Hui, really love it.

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

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在老洋房裏吃著新派上海菜,老上海art deco的風格。





Fu1015 福1015

Address: 1015 Yuyuan Lu, near Jiangsu Lu Changning district 长宁区愚园路1015, 近江苏路

Telephone: 5237 9778




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