At Tang Lung Street, almost lost.

Usually I go to Hong Kong for shopping, but not this time. After a busy morning I finally got the time to eat at 2.30, it’s too late to have a proper lunch so I decided to have ramen. I always like ramen, so this time I picked the one that I haven’t tried yet.

This restaurant specialises in Japanese Tsukemen, and their noodles are made in its own factory. I ordered the famous pork bone based fish broth dipping noodles, may be I am not a big fan of Tsukemen, in my opinion the soup taste okay but it is too thick and slightly salty. Instead the pan fried dumplings and deep fried chicken wings tasted right for me.

I was a bit disappointed with my choice, it didn’t meet my expectation. When I left the restaurant I just realised Kanada-Ya is located just opposite the street, if I have known I would go to Kanada-Ya.

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