Ginza Kagari

Not the ramen you usually eat.

That night I went to Ginza Kagari, which is a ramen restaurant with the highest rating in the area of Ginza on Tabelog. It is located in the narrow alley, even if you follow the map you can still get lost; and the sign ‘soba’ is a bit misleading because it doesn’t serve buckwheat soba, that’s why I passed by three times and didn’t think it is the one.

Ginza Kagari serves two signature noodles, one is the chicken-based tori-paitan soba and the other one is the meat and soy sauce based niboshi-shoyu soba. I ordered the former one and it was so good, the soup is creamy and the chicken breast is very tender, with lovely toppings (corn potage, asparagus, eggplant, and tomato). It also came with condiments like fried onion and ginger to further enhance the taste.

Ginza Kagari definitely worth a try (only 8 seats, so go early to avoid long queue).

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Tori-paitan soba


我喜歡拉麵但不瘋狂,所以這次沒有特意找拉麵店,來這家銀座 篝也是因為那晚沒訂餐廳在網上偶然看到銀座評分最高的麵店而去的。它在一個暗黑的小巷裡,就算跟著地圖也會很容易忽略的一條小巷裡,只要你看到有人在排隊你跟著排就是了,燈牌只簡單的寫了soba。對!是soba不是拉麵,但又不是真的吃蕎麥麵的,這就是為什麼我看到了卻快狠準的認定它不是我要去的銀座 篝而否定了它三次。


這頓飯排了半小時,吃了十五分鍾,很滿意。只有八個座位的銀座 篝,值得一試。


Ginza Kagari

Address: Ginza A Bldg 1F, 4-4-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (Closed on Sundays)



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