Toranomon Koffee

At a not so popular area just for coffee.

Omotesando Koffee from Japan has recently relocated to Hong Kong, of course I want to try it out but queuing is not my thing, luckily it has several branches in Tokyo.

Toranomon Koffee at Toranomon is so empty, probably because of its location or it’s been around for sometimes already. I like its minimalistic style, two booths on the side for coffee machines and coffee beans, and in the middle is a showcase of its well-known snacks “kashi” and the coffee menu. For the kashi, it has four flavours, banana, French, almond, and baked custard, the staff strongly recommended the popular baked custard. I ordered all four flavours and paired with a latte. Personally I also like the baked custard kashi most, crispy outside and chewy inside, then followed by French, almond, and banana flavour is my least favourite, it’s just too dry.

To be honest it’s all good but not a must-try coffee place.

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At Toranomon Koffee
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Latte and various “kashi”


香港前陣子開了從日本過來的Omotesando Koffee,我也很想去試一下,不過大排長龍真的又累又花時間,還好這家Omotesando Koffee在日本有幾家店。

在虎丿門的Toranomon Koffee很冷清,可能是開在商業大樓的關係或者在日本根本沒有這個熱潮。很喜歡它的室內裝飾,很簡潔,兩旁放置了咖啡機和各種咖啡豆,中間則是像陳列品一樣的展示了不同口味的糕點和咖啡杯子。不太能喝咖啡所以點了拿鐵,還可以。糕點一共有四種口味,分別是香蕉,法式,杏仁,和焦糖,店員推薦了焦糖。四種都試了,最喜歡焦糖口味的,外脆內軟,有點咬口。其次是法式,杏仁,香蕉的太乾了。




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