Cafe Kitsune

A day in Minami-Aoyama.

Aoyama is an area with lots of well-known boutiques, no wonder why Cafe Kitsune at Minami-Aoyama has attracted many locals and tourists. This is my second visit, which I tried the iced matcha latte, my first visit last summer was unsuccessful as it was too packed. Its interiors are mostly made of wood, just like entering into an authentic Japanese house. The baristas are trained by the founder of Omotesando Koffee, it also sells tote bags besides coffee and snacks.

It is a good resting place during shopping.

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Iced matcha latte


青山是一個聚集知名品牌店的地方,所以在南青山的Cafe Kitsune當然吸引不少本地人和旅客。這是第二次來,第一次是去年夏天某個週末由於太多人又沒座位沒買喝的就走了,這次好巧也是週末,點了冰綠茶拿鐵。店裡裝飾以木為主調像走進了日本房子一樣,咖啡師經過Omotesando Koffee創始人的訓練,除了咖啡小餅乾還賣自家tote bag。




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