Table No.1

Last visited 28.12.16

At the Cool Docks, South Bund.

Here again at Table No.1 (Michelin guide 2017 – 2 fork & spoon) which serves modern European cuisine under the boutique hotel, the Waterhouse. Same as my first visit it is quiet with a few guests (don’t be mistaken, the food is good here), I kind of like the quiet and intimate vibe in this sleek environment with an industrial touch (love those concrete pillars).

This time I go for a la carte instead of the lunch set to try different dishes. We have the bread and herb sauce to start with, the greenery herb sauce is really good and it’s something new since bread and butter are complementary. For starters, we have the signature dish, tuna tartar with avocado and ponzu, as well as pate de campagne with pickled mustard seeds and garden herbs. Personally prefer the later one it tastes so good with the bread, also like the spiciness from the pickled mustard seeds. I feel sad as the Fine de Claire oyster is not available.

Mains are the shrimp and seared scallop with saffron potato and sliced fennel, and roasted lamb rack with grilled endive and osso buco ravioli. The former is just average, not very impressed, while the later one wins me as the texture of lamb rack is so tender and I like the lamb flavour (if you like that flavour).

It’s rare for me not to have desserts but my next stop is Chikalicious (next blog post), so it’s okay.

My fixed dining place in Shanghai.

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The facade of the Waterhouse
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Table No.1
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The bar area
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Bread and greenery herb sauce
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Tuna tartar, avocado, ponzu
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Pate de campagne, pickled mustard seeds, garden herbs
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Shrimp and seared scallop, saffron potato, sliced fennel
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Roasted lamb rack, grilled endive, osso buco ravioli

差不多一年又來到水舍的Table No.1吃午飯。

第二次來Table No.1吃午飯,和上次一樣依舊是沒什麼人比較冷清(不要懷疑,食物是精緻好吃的,挺喜歡這種冷清的感覺)。雖然有中午套餐,這次決定單點別的菜色。一般都是麵包配牛油,這裡卻搭配香草醬,很好吃。前菜是經典的金槍魚塔塔配牛油果和芝麻脆餅,和豬肉醬配醃芥菜籽和香草洋蔥沙拉,比較喜歡味道濃的豬肉醬配麵包真是停不了口。





Table No.1

Address: The Waterhouse at South Bund, 1-3 Maojiayuan Road, Huangpu, Shanghai

Telephone: +86 21 6080 2918



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