Last visited 28.12.16

Chikalicious – the reason I go to Xintiandi.

I first visited Chikalicious for tea and crepe cake in early 2016, and recently I was back again to try the RMB$188 Prix Fixe which includes amuse bouche, your choice of dessert, and petit fours. The prix fixe begins with the amuse bouche, basil sorbet with lemon milk foam, I always love the light flavour of basil sorbet and it is balancing with the lemon milk foam, for sure it makes me crave for more.

I still go light with my choice of dessert, light brown sugar panna cotta, paired with mint tea. I like the ginger fragrant from the fresh ginger agar agar, together with the panna cotta and granny smith apple sorbet, the taste is refreshing with a slight of sweetness. I also have the chance to try the wonderland tiramisu as I am not alone this time. It tastes so good, the flavour is stronger than the panna cotta of course, I will definitely recommend this too.

Lastly for the petit fours, I prefer the coconut marshmallow, no doubt.

Worth trying and revisiting!

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At Chikalicious
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Amuse bouche, basil sorbet and lemon milk foam
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Mint tea
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Light brown sugar panna cotta, carrot fluid gel, fresh ginger agar agar, frosted pecans, and granny smith apple sorbet
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Time well spent at Chikalicious
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Wonderland tiramisu, mascarpone mousse, chocolate genoise soaked with amaretto coffee syrup and white chocolate ice cream
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Petit fours

去新天地的理由 – Chikalicious。

16年的1月只在樓下單獨的喝茶吃蛋糕,這次再來就選擇了訂位去樓上品嚐Prix Fixe RMB$188的甜品三道。開胃甜品和最後的小甜點都是配好的,而主甜品就是五選一。開胃甜品是羅勒雪芭及檸檬奶泡,羅勒雪芭很清淡本來我就喜歡,檸檬奶泡有檸檬中和了比較濃的奶味,兩者搭配起來是一道完全沒有負擔的開胃甜品。






Address: Lane 123, No 5, Huangpi Nan Lu, near Madang Lu, Huangpu district

Telephone: +86 21 6333 9233



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