Ocean Grounds

Last visited 27.12.16

A place for coffee lovers.

It’s difficult to find a cafe that serves specialty and artisan coffee in Shanghai, especially for tourists like me. I came across Ocean Grounds while I was browsing the TimeOut website, it is located at Hong Kong Plaza and runs by Jim Lee, I was lucky to have him made the New Orleans iced coffee for me.

One thing I appreciate is that the staff gave recommendations based on our preference so we don’t need to stare at the options. I got the New Orleans iced coffee as I can’t drink strong coffee, it’s concept is to pour the cinnamon spiced milk into a glass with a frozen ball of coffee to dissolve it and spin the glass to release more coffee. Another one was the Panama coffee with strong coffee fragrance, it is bitter and slightly acidic, she said it was good.

And it turns into a bar at night, those who wanna grab a drink…

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New Orleans style iced coffee
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Coffee ice ball
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在上海要找專門提供手工特色咖啡的咖啡店好像比較難,但餐與餐之間最好就是喝杯咖啡消磨時間啊,所以提前從TimeOut找了這間在香港廣場的Ocean Grounds。它是由Jim Lee從美國過來開的,那天就是他做的新奧爾良冰咖啡給我,也和他聊了兩句(我話少)。




Ocean Grounds

Address: 1st Floor, Hong Kong Plaza North Building, 282 Huaihai Zhong Lu, Songshan Lu, Huangpu district

Telephone: +86 21 6313 9050

Website: http://www.oceangroundscoffee.com/story-specialty-coffee-china/



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